Brown's Offers 100% Financing through GE Capital

GE Financing for Your New Air Conditioner or Repairs

Brown’s Arctic Air is happy to offer 100% Financing to our clients in need of repairs or new air conditioning systems. There are several financing options to choose from to fit your budget. Call Brown’s Arctic Air, Inc. when you are having issues with your air conditioner and heating unit. We can call and get instant approval on site.


Why should you keep your ac filter clean?

Dirty filters kill your AC’s efficiency, so install a new one every month during the cooling season for central and window units (or clean them if you’ve got the washable type). Look for the filter’s minimum efficiency reporting value, or MERV, which ranges from 1 to 12 for home AC units; the higher the number, the better filtration it provides (and the more energy needed to pull air through it, so balance air-quality concerns with energy costs).

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We have a Mitsubishi Minisplit in our office!

If you have a room or area that you would like to keep at a comfortable temperature, such as an enclosed lanai or a garage, you should consider getting a Mitsubishi Ductless Minisplit installed. It is a seperate ductless system and works extremely well, runs very quiet you can’t even tell its running, and is very efficient. Call Brown’s Arctic Air at 352-728-4990. We will be happy to come out and give you an estimate on getting one (or more) for your home or email


Why Upgrade to a Digital Thermostat?

A quote from Top Ten Reviews:

Do Programmable Thermostats Save Money? The short answer is yes. More precisely, they save families an average of $300 to $400 a year on energy costs. According to Energy Star, an average household spends close to $2,200 a year on energy bills, half of which goes toward heating and cooling empty and unused spaces. In other words, people are spending too much to heat and cool their homes and are wasting energy in the process.

If your energy bills are getting out of control, a simple, programmable thermostat may save you thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems. And there is more to these devices than just saving money. They make it easy to preset the best temperature for you when you sleep, wake up, go to work and come home. Using less energy means you are helping the environment. Also, if you are energy efficient, there are even added tax benefits from Uncle Sam.

Brown’s Arctic Air, Inc installs the Programmable Digital Thermostats. Please call us if you are wanting to save on your energy bill by having a new digital thermosat installed. 352-728-4990 or email us at


Testimonial from Jayne Ives

I’ve been using Brown’s for years,as far as I’m, concerned its the only A/C company there is….thank you Bobby Brown for years of fabulous service!

– Janye Ives

Jayne is a long time client and very good friend. She and her husband, Nolan, are great people and I am very happy to have known them for so long and take care of all their ac needs. Thank you, Jayne and Nolan! I appreciate your testimonial very much.


Always Working!

If we are not out running calls, we are working answering the phones, dispatching our technicians and keeping the yard clean. I love all the new changes we have been making here. Work is great. Life is wonderful. Call us if you need your air conditioner serviced or if you would like to get a check out on it. 352-728-4990


Proud Members of the Sumter Chamber of Commerce

Brown’s Arctic Air, Inc. is a proud member of the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce for many years. We love being a part of the community and help out every chance we can. Thank you, Sumter County!


Air Duct Cleaning by TCB Ocala – John Dixon

Brown’s Arctic Air, Inc. highly recommends Taking Care of Business (TCB) Air Duct Cleaning, John Dixon, (352) 867-9949

Air Duct Cleaning is the Removal of the Build Up Of Dust and Dander in A Homes Ventilation System. This Air Circulates and Re-circulates around and around the inside of the home which is the air you and your family are breathing.

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning:

  • Less Sneezing
  • Fewer Allergies
  • Less Dusting
  • Doctor Recommended

Remember to Check Your Air Filter on a Regular Basis and Change it According to the Manufacturers Recommendations.


Thank you to our Commercial Accounts.

Brown’s Arctic Air, Inc. would like to extend our appreciation to our commercial accounts. This is only a few of the many. We will periodically switch out our banner to display more of the businesses we have serviced throughout the years. We have been dedicated to providing the utmost dependable, reliable and prompt service to our neighborhood businesses over the past twenty plus years and are proud to say we have developed many long term, trusting relationships with our local businesses! We are committed to providing excellent service, going beyond all expectations. So again, we say thank you to our commercial accounts for continuing to allow us to serve you!

SRJ / Takis Plaza Arcade Hall

Replacing Unit On Roof At Takis Plaza. We use Ed’s Crane to get this unit up on the roof. John had already torn the old one down and was ready and waiting for the new unit to be put in place to buckle it down. All employees were on hand at this job.

Part One: Removal of old unit

Part Two: Installation of new unit

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